Quote accepted. What's next?

Alright, the quote just got the green light – fantastic news!
But this marks the beginning, not the end.
Here’s the post-approval check list to follow:

Acknowledge the win
Recognize the achievement. A brief internal acknowledgment or a quiet moment of satisfaction, but still you earned it.

Express appreciation
Express gratitude to the client. A professional thank-you message or a simple "Thanks for choosing us" communicates your appreciation.

Adress formalities
Attend to the necessary paperwork promptly. Ensure all administrative aspects and details are addressed without delay.

Communicate clearly
Outline the next steps clearly to your customer. Be transparent about processes, timelines, and expectations. An informed client is a calm client, and the calm client is a happy client.

Exceed expectations
Deliver more than promised. Whether it's an expedited delivery, an added feature, or an unexpected bonus, exceeding expectations builds goodwill.

Request feedback
Post-delivery, seek constructive feedback. A request for “What’s worked?” and “What can be improved?” shows commitment to continuous improvement.

Plan for the future
Look ahead. This deal is a stepping stone to future opportunities. Learn from the experience and prepare for future achievements.

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