Frequent Asked Questions

Quoting tool for all entrepreneurs and salespeople

What is ProfiQuote?

ProfiQuote is an on-line tool for creating appealing price quotes. If you need to quickly create winning price quotes with accurate information for your customers, ProfiQuote is a perfect solution for you.

How can ProfiQuote boost my sales?

ProfiQuote is designed to optimize your sales process, minimize efforts and accelerate deal closures. You create personalized quotes quickly and efficiently, which helps you to achieve better productivity and increase success rate.

Can I use it for free?

Yes, you can create up to 10 free price quotes a year with the FREE version. It is not possible to import data from XLSX, or to configure design in the unpaid version, but the output you get is still professionally looking and accurate.

Can I switch between FREE and PREMIUM versions if needed?

Yes, you will pay for the PREMIUM version for the period you need (a month or a year). When your subscription ends, your account will automatically switch to the FREE version. After the next payment, it will switch back to the PREMIUM one.

Can I use ProfiQuote on my mobile phone?

Yes, you can create a price quote right away on your mobile, in minutes. It’s better to use a grid display on your mobile. You can set it in your application.

Can I create price quotes together with my colleagues?

Of course, you have the option to invite your team members using the 'Invite Colleague' button in the application. You can then choose whether your colleague will be an admin or just a user. An admin has more control.

What can I set in my price quote PDF?

You can set information about yourself, your company, logo, and system texts. You can choose whether to include prices, pictures, and summary. Additionally, you can customize colors in your template and select from two types of row designs for items (please, note that these advanced settings are available in the PREMIUM version only).