The design sells

The old well-known truth is that packaging sells. Why not use it with price quotes? It’s often the first official document your customer receives from you.

Imagine you want to purchase a new kitchen or windows for your home. In such cases, you’re not likely to go online and buy directly from an e-shop. Since both scenarios involve a substantial investment, you'll probably inquire with several companies. Each company should discuss your requirements with you and create a solution tailored precisely to your needs.

As a customer, you may not be aware of the fact that each salesperson has spent a considerable amount of time on it, and except for the lucky winner, everyone else has worked on it for free. But that's the topic for another article.

Anyway, you'll receive several price quotes. Naturally, the price comes first, so even the most amiable salesperson will struggle getting the contract if his price is significantly higher than the competition's. But the salesperson will undoubtedly leave a human impression on you, and since we are social beings, it's a crucial aspect in the decision-making process, even though somewhat illogical.

However, later in the evening, you'll sit down with your family to evaluate the various offers. While their presentation may not necessarily reflect the level of the company, but it’s just like with a yogurt cup – the one with nicer packaging simply tastes better :)

All in all, if we didn’t like pretty and colorful things, all cars would be black, and we wouldn’t be wearing crazy socks, each a different color.

When we like something, we tend to trust it more. A well-designed price quote will always have a greater chance of success.

Now, put yourself in the opposite position – that of a salesperson who wants to make a sale. Would you care about making the best impression with your quote? The answer is definitely yes. And in our next article - What should a price quote look like. we’ll share some tips for creating impressive price quote.

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Design sells
Design sells

The old well-known truth is that packaging sells. Why not use it with price quotes? It’s often the first official document your...

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