The design sells

The design sells

The old, well-known truth is that the packaging sells. Why not use it with price quotes? It’s often the first official document your customer receives from you.

Imagine you want to buy a new kitchen or windows. You’re not likely to go online and buy directly from an e-shop. This is a substantial investment in both cases; thus, you’ll inquire with several suppliers. Each company should go through your demands and prepare a custom-made solution.

One thing you may not be aware of as a customer is, that a salesman dedicates certain hours to each price quote and except for the lucky winner, everybody’s been working on it for free. However, that’s a matter for another article.

Let’s say you’ll receive numerous price quotes. Of course, the price comes first and even the most pleasant salesman will have difficulty getting the contract if his price comes considerably higher than the competition. The salesman will leave an impression on you and since we’re social creatures, it’s an important aspect in choosing the quote, albeit illogical.

In the evening, you’ll sit with your family and evaluate individual offers. Their execution doesn’t have to reflect the company’s quality, but just like with a yogurt cup, the one with nicer packaging simply tastes better :)

All in all, if we didn’t like pretty and colorful things, all cars would be black and we wouldn’t be wearing crazy socks, each a different color.

If we like something, we tend to trust it more. A nice price quote will always have a greater chance to succeed.

Let’s put yourself in the opposite position of a salesman who wants to make a sale. Would you care about making the best impression with your quote? I believe the answer is yes.

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